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Hello and welcome to the "JFrancast" page. I'm your host and producer, John Francis. I teach at a small Baptist University in the Midwest and I want to encourage you to travel with me on a short 10 minute or so journey each week as I explore Christian worship, art, music, life as a 50 year-old-man, or I may even give you tips on storing your lawn mower over the winter.

My brain, my ADD, my life!

Dec 24, 2017

So after this episode was produced, I realized that I had to make a couple of changes, as my schedule changed. BTW the "Anacin" commercial is courtesy of

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December 25, Christmas as usual

December 26, St. Stephens, Boxing Day or Wren Day - building a wren house


Dec 20, 2017

This podcast talks about the history of Advent. The "Alka-Seltzer" commercial comes courtesy of

Merry Christmas!